Wealth management

We make it our overriding objective to achieve the optimum balance between the performance and protection of your wealth.

Inheritance planning :

Optimise the achievement of your goals and create a favourable climate for performance

Asset management :

Performance of assets while preserving their long-term value

"An ally over time"

Lagane Family Office will help you build a global wealth management plan over the long term.

Family Office Services :

Specific sectors where we maintain the same demand for balance in performance and protection

Multi Family Office

We look for the optimum financial efficiencies for you

We offer a global approach to the management of fixed and movable assets, liabilities and asset structuring that is necessary to optimise the achievement of the family's objectives, while looking for the best financial efficiencies.

Our goal is to provide you with the expertise and insight that are needed along with reliable partners totally committed to your best interests.


Practical information

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